Practice Plans

Player's - You are responsible for the off-season conditioning and stick work skills that will be uploaded WEEKLY!

* 3:30-3:35 Warm up.
- Team run, no sticks. Stretch. Wide circle. Hammies, Shoulders, calves, quads.
*3:35-3:45 Ten minutes conditioning
- Ab circuit 2 minutes. Run circuit 2 minutes. Ab circuit 2 min. Run circuit 2 min. Grab water
*3:45-3:50 Explanation of Hula Hoop exercise and the importance of making decisions as a team under pressure. Connecting circle, Hula Hoop must pass through all of the girls and make it back to the beginning under a certain time. First time, trial.
*3:50-4:00 Indian run. Ab circuit. Indian Run. Ab circuit. (9 mins) Water
*4:00-4:05 – two runs of the hoola hoop exercise. Adding in an extra hoop. Hearts should be working after conditioning. Controlling the situation even under pressure.
*4:05-4:15 Indian run backwards. Ab circuit. Indian run forwards. Ab circuit. Water
*4:20-4:25 Last run of hoola hoop, break record time as a team to opt out of last conditioning set. If this doesn’t work, 5 minutes of sprints, with breaks in between.
*4:25-4:30 Water and pass out the information packet with positons listed; rules listed, and survey at the back.
*4:30-?? Review through packet of positions/rules. Talk as a team as what they expect from me as a coach and what I expect from them as players.
Throwing ideas out there to get the ball rolling before they fill out the survey (to bring back at the next practice!!! EXPRESS THIS IMPORTANCE!) 
Take notes as they talk so you can remember what they say. Don’t forget to do that Nik.

* Closing. Any equipment should be put away (goals/balls/etc.)
* Let the girls decide how they would like to break out as a team. E.g. palms up for positivity.
* Take notes about what worked/what didn’t work today.

                                    AB Circuit examples (countless more)
- Partner throw downs. R, M, L. 10 sets of each side. 30 total.
- Russian Twists, G Ups, V Ups.
- p90x Leg climbs
- Scoop holds (30 seconds) rest.
- Plank walks. Forearm planks. Side planks.
- Reverse Crunches, Crunches.
- Straddle Ups
- Scissor sideways, flutter kicks
- Burpees
- Plank Crunches
- Wall sits.
- etc. etc. I use Pinterest and other personal training pages for inspiration.

PLAYERS! Refer here for extra workouts from certified trainers!

Coach Nikki Costa


  • Integrating New players to the sport of Lacrosse through research and team work!


GRADE LEVEL:  9-10th grade

TOPIC: Player Positions/ Field Awareness

THE ESSENTIAL QUESTION:  What characteristics does each position have on the lacrosse field and how can we increase our mental and physical health to enhance our lacrosse game?

BRIEF DESCRIPTION: The players through brainstorming will identify what position they wish to play this upcoming season. They then while write on a dry erase board everything they know about that position- physically and mentally. They then will research the official rules of the game and other techniques required for a higher standard of play. After that they will research physical fitness requirements for the game and brainstorm ideas to include the entire team in a conditioning session.

CONTENT STANDARDS ADDRESSED BY PROJECT (Listed below come from the National Coaches Association and English association)

  • Students apply a wide range of strategies to comprehend, interpret, evaluate and appreciate text
  • Student adjust their use of spoken, written and visual language to communicate effectively with a variety of audiences and for different purposes
  • Students conduct research on issues and interests by generating ideas and questions and by posing problems.  They gather, evaluate and synthesize data from a variety of sources to communicate knowledge.


    1. Students will define what their position is on the lacrosse field through research.
    2. Based on each student’s position, the class will develop criteria for a GOOD lacrosse team.
    3. Students will identify important aspects of a physically fit player/team. Researching new cutting edge conditioning techniques that are also fun.
    4. Students will present their position/official rules to the rest of the team and also incorporate their new conditioning strategy.

MATERIALS/RESOURCES (includes URLs for Internet research):

-          Pinterest.com for conditioning research

-          Ncaa.com : NCAA Rules for Lacrosse Field Rules etc.

-          Laxpower.com for forums and research on the positions.

RUBRIC:  Note – the criteria below connect with the student objectives and are content based, but there is one criteria that addresses technology.



Did Not Meet Requirements

Met Requirements

Exceeded Requirements

The student shows evidence that they can define what position they play





The student shows evidence that they can develop criteria for a good lacrosse player- on the field and off




The student shows evidence that they can collect pertinent facts on a sport through research




The student shows evidence that they can give a presentation highlighting important facts on physical health and conditioning for lacrosse.




The student shows proper use of language in their writing and speaking




The student shows evidence of being able to use the Internet, word process and presentation software (if applicable) for their project







  • Computer word processing files that include the following:
    • Definition of the positon they wish to play in lacrosse.
    • Research notes on conditioning and rules of lacrosse
    • Field Awareness Report





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