Welcome Parents and Players of the JV BEES LACROSSE TEAM 

You can find any information pertaining to this season on this webpage; Schedules, Practice Plans, Conditioning, Volunteer Forms, Athletic Forms, and featured player of the week! 

About Coach Costa...

Senior at NDC in Cleveland.

Certified Yoga Instructor

2nd Year coaching for the Bees.

Playing for Notre Dame College's DII Lacrosse Team

Hometown: Cleveland OH

Is passionate about teaching and coaching lacrosse to girls of all ages

High School #- 22
College #- 25

Position in College- Attack/Midfielder

Favorite Food- Pickles

* Will be teaching 7-12 English by the end of 2015!

* You can see me coaching with...
My 'Vail CO' Baseball Hat and a Starbucks Cup in my hand
Contact Information: Nikki Costa (216) 246-2834 Call // Text

My coaching philosophy:
 I want to watch each of my players gain confidence on the field and off it- guiding them how to work relentlessly towards their goals, grow as leaders and teammates, and how to enjoy the process with a positive attitude. 

Personal goals as a coach:
1. To fuel the drive my athletes have for the game- inspiring and challenging them constantly so that new levels of play and winning can be possible.
2. Find new creative ways to continue to motivate my team. INSPIRE. Player of the week. Music. Games. Fun rewards. Giving them autonomy and respect to grow as young adults.
3. Be attentive to the needs of my players/students. This is not a ‘9-5 go home and forget about my job’ situation. I want to see the big picture with my athletes. School, college, family life etc.
4. To build a competitive program for Brecksville's district that includes a feeder program – gain support from the community and parents.

Coaching while keeping in mind the BRECKSVILLE District Values.
Our Mission: To Develop Intellectual Entrepreneurs With a Social Conscience
Core Values: Contribute to society and community; Respect individuality and diversity; Expect quality; Encourage risk-taking, innovation and leadership; Develop lifelong learners

Player of the week...
Paige being asked to Senior Prom after our home game!

Paige C. Senior #34 Midfield Defense. 
First Year on the team for the Bees. * Avg. 5 interceptions per game.

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